Places to visit


In the interior of the island visit, this property and see the waterfalls, or even bathe in them. It also has a small hotel for rural tourism where you can stay overnight or if you prefer have a meal.

Praia Inhame Ecotourism

The Inhame Beach is in the south of the island. A space of ​​ecotourism with white sandy beaches and transparent waters. It is recommended to spend the evening in the resort.

Lagoa Amélia

A walk into the interior of the island, located in the “Ôbo” Natural Parque, crater of the volcano that gave birth to the Island of São Tomé. Day trip, you can enjoy and visit the Botanical Garden.

Pico de São Tomé

A walk of a higher difficult level is that to the highest point in São Tomé wish is about 2.024m high. If you take this walk it is advisable to camp in the Pico and make the descent the next day.

Visit the mangroves

Go up the river Malanza by canoe where you can see the mangrove ecosystem, and a great variety of animals.

National Museum

Visit the National Museum of São Tomé.

The People's Palace

Visit the National Museum of São Tomé.


Sea turtles are among the oldest existing reptiles and it is estimated that they inhabit the planet for over 100 million years, from the seven species in the world, five of them look for the island of São Tomé to spawn.

The most frequent sites for observing the spawning are the beaches of Micoló, north of the island and Jalé in the south. During the months of September to April. There are other places where can be spawning seen, particularly in the south.

Nature Reserve "OBÔ"

In 2006 the nature reserve was created with the purpose of protecting the rich biodiversity in the archipelago.

The natural park has an area of 275 km² on São Tomé and 85 km² on Principe. The park is a sanctuary for flora and fauna where many rare species can be found. Some of them in danger of extinction.

In the forest of São Tomé there is a large number of endemic species, in 1988 their importance led the international scientific community to classify this forest as the second most important for biodiversity conservation among 75 african forests.

This reserve is located in the interior of the islands and the forest is characterized as a high altitude forest. It is the place par excellence for contact with the existing biodiversity in the islands. The most favorable time to visit is during the dry season (end of December and January and June to September).



30 ºC
300 KM
Year Discovered
Independance Year

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